11. Yoga Mudrasanam (Yogic Symbol Pose)

1. Sit with legs crossed, left leg on the outside. Extend arms out to the sides, palms open.
2. Place the thumbs into the centre of each palm and close the fingers over them.
3. Place the fists together and massage the abdomen by rubbing the knuckles together and pressing gently downward into the stomach.
4. Bend forward and continue to massage the abdomen.
5. Sit upright and place the fists at the base of the spine, massaging the lower vertebrae with the knuckles.
6. Bend forward while continuing to massage the back before releasing the mudra and returning to position 1.

Increases internal abdominal compression and restores abdominal organs to their proper places. Tones the small intestines, colon, prostate gland and kidneys. Strengthens the muscular walls of the abdomen and relieves chronic constipation.

Contra-indications: Heart disease, serious back conditions, after surgery or childbirth and when there are contractures of the knee.