12. Paathi Chakra Asanam (Half Wheel Pose)

1. Heels together, toes apart.
2. Lie down on the back.
3. Pull the feet towards the buttocks by grasping the ankles.
4. Keep holding the ankles, while slowly lifting the back, buttocks and torso, keeping the crown of the head on the floor.
5. Extend the hands along the sides of the head, shoulder-width apart, towards the head, palms to the floor and fingers facing inwards, while pushing the abdomen upwards towards the ceiling, using the arms and legs. Relax the head, allowing it to hang between the arms.
6. Slowly lower the body and relax.

Strengthens the back and abdominal muscles. Activates proper intestinal function. Exercises the neck and shoulders. Promotes proper working of liver and improves colon activity.

Contra-indications: Heart disease, high blood pressure, prolapsed and slipped disk and arthritis of the neck.