14. Vittel Asanam (Grasshopper Pose)

1. Heels together, toes apart.
2. Lie down on the front, arms at the sides. First raise the right leg, tense the buttocks and hold, keeping the hips flat. Lower and repeat with the left leg
3. .Place right hand close about 10cm away from right hip and roll over onto right side (keep right knee slightly bent), with left hand on thigh, raise left leg, keeping it straight, and move it up and down in a ‘scissors’ motion.
4. Return to the centre and repeat on the opposite side.
5. Return to centre. Raise both legs together from the hips while lifting the arms and head at the same time.
6. Relax with arms at sides.

Strengthens the leg muscles and tones the pelvic area and dorsal muscles. Aids in combatting rheumatic pain of the hips.
Reduces fat on the hips and promotes regular menstruation.

Contra-indications: Heart disease or heart weakness.