15. Uruthi Oli Mudra Asanam (Supine Pose of Firmness and Light)


1. Heels together, toes apart.
2. Lie down on the back.
3. Raise both knees, keeping buttocks on the floor. Clasp hands behind the knees, interlocking the fingers.
4. Keep the hands clasped behind the knees and slowly move forward into a sitting position, balancing on the buttocks.
5. Straighten the legs so that the legs and body form a ‘V’ shape. Use the stomach muscles to help you balance.
6. Slowly lower the legs.
7. Return to lying position with arms at sides.

Relaxes the whole body, especially the neck muscles. Strengthens the pelvic and hip region. Heals kidney problems, strengthens the back and shoulder region.

Contra-indications: If slipped disk and lower back problems are present, practice with caution.