2. Surya Chandra Namaskaram (Salutation)


1. Stand with heels together, toes apart, hands in Vanakam Mudra (prayer position). Inhale.

2. Lift arms above the head, arching back slightly. Exhale.

3. Bend forward to touch toes. Head should touch knees, keeping the legs as straight as possible. Inhale.

4. Take the right leg back, keeping the left leg forward. Exhale.

5. Take the left leg back, place the feet together, balance on the toes, raise pelvis, keeping hands on the floor and head down (mountain Pose). Inhale.

6. Lower the body to the floor so that the feet, knees, hands and forehead are touching the floor, with buttocks raised. Exhale.

7. Lower hips to the floor, straighten arms and arch back, raising the body and pushing the shoulder blades together. Look up and back (cobra pose). Inhale.

8. Lift the pelvis, keeping the head down. Exhale.

9. Bring the right leg forward and look up. Inhale.

10. Left leg forward, with head touching knees. Exhale.

11. Straighten up and lift arms above head. Inhale.

12. Hands in prayer position. Exhale.

13. Repeat from 2 to 12, but taking the left leg back before the right and then bringing the left leg forward before the right.

Remain conscious of the breath with each movement!


Energizes all parts of the body. Keeps the stomach, intestines, pancreas, heart and lungs in good health. Helps cure deformities of the spinal cord and waist area. Promotes flexibility of the spine. Increases and regulates the blood circulation of the entire body, aiding in purifying the blood and destroying skin disease. Strengthens the muscles of the hands, legs, shoulders and thighs.

Increases brain power, mental strength and quickens thought processes. Helps to heal diabetes and promotes overall physical health.

The sun magnetizes and energizes the body. Surya Chandra Namaskaram should be ideally practiced outside. During this sequence, focus on invoking the Divine Light represented by the sun and the moon, and absorbing that light into the entire physical and subtle system.