4. Meenasanam (Fish Pose)

1. Heels together, toes apart.
2. Sit with legs crossed, right leg on the outside. Grasp the toes.
3. Lie back, still grasping the toes.
4. Arch the chest until crown of your head touches the floor. Push knees towards floor, raising the chest further. Hold for 16 breaths.
5. Sit up, lean forward and touch the head to the floor.
6. Roll backwards with feet touching floor above head.
Repeat positions 5 and 6 ten times in a rolling motion, 10 times. Sit up and slowly return to standing position 1.


Strengthens the stomach, activates the digestive system, especially the intestines. Reduces constipation and promotes ongoing health of the thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal glands.

Strengthens the spine and lessens cervical problems.

Prevents shifting of the navel. Strengthens the lungs thereby healing associated health conditions like asthma and respiratory problems.

Contra-indications: Heart disease, during pregnancy, when peptic ulcers are present, spinal bifida and when there are pinched nerves in cervical vertebrae.