5. Nidra Kokkuasanam (Standing Crane Pose)

1. Heels together, toes apart.
2. Stretch hands above head, arching back and looking upwards.
3. Bend forward from the hips, slowly stretching arms towards the feet.
4. Gently ‘bounce’ up and down, moving hands closer to the feet until hands can touch the floor. Interlock fingers to bring hands closer to the floor.
5 . Raise the arms.
6. Return to standing position.

Alleviates gastric and urinary disorders. Helps to cure constipation and relieves gas problems. Relieves lumbago, sciatica and stiffness of the back. Heals liver disorders and diabetes. Rectifies shortening of limbs due to breaks or fractures.

Contra-indications Heart disease, prolapsed disc, high blood pressure, sciatica and abdominal hernia.