7. Vibareethakarani Asanam (Topsy Turvy Pose)

1. Heels together, toes apart.
2. Lie down on the back.
3. Raise both legs, keeping legs bent at the knees
4. Raise the upper body up onto the shoulders, supporting the weight by placing hands at the hip area, keeping the elbows on the floor as close together as possible. Centre of gravity should remain in the chest area.
5. Slowly place the right foot onto the left knee, keeping the right knee in line with the nose. Hold, then place the left foot onto the right knee and hold.
6. Slowly lower the legs.
7. Lie on the back before returning to standing position.

The benefits for this posture are the same as those of the shoulder pose. It strengthens the waist and the knees and improves the concentration. Helps to relieve bronchitis, tonsillitis and emphysema.

Contra-indications Heart disease, high blood pressure, enlarged thyroid, prolapsed disc and spinal bifida, during first days of menstrual cycle.