The 18 Kriya Postures of Babaji Nagaraj

As taught by Yogiar SAA Ramaiah and presented by Swami Shankarananda

Mahavatar Siddhar Babaji Nagaraj was born on 30th November 203 AD and is still living today. He learned a technique of Kriya Yoga from the ancient Siddhas (ascended masters) and taught it in turn to His direct disciple Yogiar SAA Ramaiah who then passed it on to Swami Shankarananda Maharajji and selected yoga students.

The postures shared on this page are the same ones taught by Kriya Babaji to Yogiar SAA Ramaiah who has instructed that they be made freely available to the world. Each posture serves to treat a specific ailment or problem and all 18 postures, performed together properly, in one session will result in overall physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Please note that certain postures have specific contra-indications for some conditions. If possible, the postures should be practiced under the guidance of a qualified yoga instructor. Neither the Africa Kriya Babaji Sangam, the Jadatharaya Institute of Right Living and Yoga, nor the Gayathri Peedam will be liable for any injuries or stress resulting from accelerated spiritual development caused to students who practice these postures unsupervised.